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It all started with Abraham. Actually, it all started with the Ancient of Days, but God used Father Abraham–before he was either a father or Abraham–to save the world. The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your … Continue reading

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Maybe your home is a ranch-style, brick house, with a big backyard and swing set. Maybe you live in a tiny apartment with your friends—a few of whom forget to wash their dishes. Our boys live in a modest but … Continue reading

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More Than a Trend

I didn’t care. Even now, I wince as I type those words, because they’re so hardhearted. I wince because the truth hurts. I didn’t care about sex trafficking. More than that, I didn’t care about the children that sex trafficking … Continue reading

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Say Uncle!

Between my wife and me, we have 28 nephews and nieces. Yep, 28! Some are now grown and married, and some are just turning three…but I am used to the name “uncle.” I like the title. It clearly indicates that … Continue reading

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