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It all started with Abraham. Actually, it all started with the Ancient of Days, but God used Father Abraham–before he was either a father or Abraham–to save the world. The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your … Continue reading

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Maybe your home is a ranch-style, brick house, with a big backyard and swing set. Maybe you live in a tiny apartment with your friends—a few of whom forget to wash their dishes. Our boys live in a modest but … Continue reading

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We Sing for Them

When my kids were younger, I made up a simple tune to Numbers 6:24-26–the priestly blessing–and sang it to them as a bedtime prayer. I still sing it occasionally, even though they’re in middle school and high school now, and … Continue reading

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“Let’s Go!”

Recently, the Blackbox team spent several days in the Dominican Republic, training and counseling and planning together. One evening, happy but a little drained, they gathered in the living room of the boys’ home, relaxing and visiting, until Blackbox Counseling … Continue reading

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What I Can’t Tell You

by Wade Landers Executive Director Working with boys who were trafficked for sex means we have to deal with a lot of issues. There is often physical abuse, mental abuse and of course sexual abuse. The technical word is trauma, … Continue reading

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Thank You, Lord

Thank You, Lord, for Blackbox International. Thank You for planting a seed of an idea in the hearts of men and women who wanted to serve You and save children. Thank You that today, that seed has grown to bear … Continue reading

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It’s Personal

It’s bound to happen. We read the numbers: 400,000 boys worldwide and 10,000 boys in the Dominican Republic. The news ticker tells about another ring that is busted. We hear of another city where sex trafficking is on the rise. After … Continue reading

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When God Interrupts

God had interrupted him before. In 2009 when Brian Jennings and his wife adopted a daughter from Ethiopia–a sister to their two young sons–God interrupted their tidy, set ways with bigger dreams and deeper love than they’d ever known. So … Continue reading

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Five Things You Need to Know About Sex-Trafficked Boys

1. It happens! You may not like to think about sex trafficking or even acknowledge that it happens, but it does. Pretending and ignoring won’t change the truth. Once you know, you can’t un-know. Now, the question is yours to … Continue reading

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12 Years Old

Ever known a 12-year-old boy? How would you describe him? Most are a roller coaster of hormones–an awkward blend of childish meets adult, insecure meets confident, little meets big. 12-year-old boys are funny and smart and ornery. They’re smelly, but they still … Continue reading

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