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It all started with Abraham. Actually, it all started with the Ancient of Days, but God used Father Abraham–before he was either a father or Abraham–to save the world. The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your … Continue reading

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More Than a Trend

I didn’t care. Even now, I wince as I type those words, because they’re so hardhearted. I wince because the truth hurts. I didn’t care about sex trafficking. More than that, I didn’t care about the children that sex trafficking … Continue reading

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Can’t vs. Won’t

Ever considered the words “can’t’ and “won’t”? Their differences are clear enough. At their basic definitions, can’t means “unable,” and won’t means “unwilling.” I remember the morning my daughter and I had a major showdown over those words. She was … Continue reading

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We Sing for Them

When my kids were younger, I made up a simple tune to Numbers 6:24-26–the priestly blessing–and sang it to them as a bedtime prayer. I still sing it occasionally, even though they’re in middle school and high school now, and … Continue reading

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What I Can’t Tell You

by Wade Landers Executive Director Working with boys who were trafficked for sex means we have to deal with a lot of issues. There is often physical abuse, mental abuse and of course sexual abuse. The technical word is trauma, … Continue reading

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It’s Personal

It’s bound to happen. We read the numbers: 400,000 boys worldwide and 10,000 boys in the Dominican Republic. The news ticker tells about another ring that is busted. We hear of another city where sex trafficking is on the rise. After … Continue reading

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The Work of the Lord

“If this isn’t the work of the Devil,” said Blackbox board member Chris DeWelt, “then I don’t know what is.” Indeed, the atrocities of sex trafficking are glaringly evil–straight from the Enemy himself. It’s not uncommon for those on the … Continue reading

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