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We Sing for Them

When my kids were younger, I made up a simple tune to Numbers 6:24-26–the priestly blessing–and sang it to them as a bedtime prayer. I still sing it occasionally, even though they’re in middle school and high school now, and … Continue reading

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When God Interrupts

God had interrupted him before. In 2009 when Brian Jennings and his wife adopted a daughter from Ethiopia–a sister to their two young sons–God interrupted their tidy, set ways with bigger dreams and deeper love than they’d ever known. So … Continue reading

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She runs a tourist shop in the Dominican Republic. “After I heard about sex trafficking,” she told Blackbox, “I began to see it everywhere around me.” “One day in my shop, I noticed a 50-year-old white man walking next to … Continue reading

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“It’s too much.” That’s what we said when we first heard about sex trafficking. We said it again later, when we met real boys who’d endured real atrocities in an entire industry built on abuse. We cried and prayed again, … Continue reading

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“In justice ministry,” said Blackbox Director of Prayer Shane Wood, “you must be broken. But the brokenness cannot debilitate.” We hear stories of the sex trafficking industry–stories of truckers in India picking up children on the side of the highway, … Continue reading

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One boy

One boy entered our hearts. The horrific realization, that our world had almost no idea that boys were victims of sex trafficking and that these boys had no places equipped to help them, first sprung into our hearts because of … Continue reading

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Oh So Close

Lots has been happening since we completed the 50/50 Campaign. God has been good, and there are plenty of things to keep lifting up to him, as we prepare to open our first home for trafficked boys in the Dominican … Continue reading

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